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Semi Naked Cake at Tuesday Together

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016 my local Rising Tide Society celebrated our 1st anniversary as the Tuesday Together Fort Lauderdale group. It was a blast! When a group of creative get together you will definitely have a spectacular party with great food, drink and of course delicious cake.

Blue Ivy Cakery provided one of the three rum cakes for the event and the other two by Lilly Morales of The Starfish Cottage Cakes.

Semi Naked Cakes

The rum cake was made from a recipe I got from King Arthur Flour, and the layers was filled with guava and a little buttercream. It is called Caribbean Rum Cake from scratch not from a box mix like some you will find on websites.

Semi Naked Rum Cake with Figs and Grapes

I used this recipe because it's great to share and I trust any recipe on the King Arthur Flour website. Their flours are the best and other ingredients I highly recommend to bakers who want to use the best on the market, in my opinion. I have been using King Arthur Flour for years now. What I love about them also is they are employees owned and what better way to support other type of creative.

Lillie Morales at The Starfish Cottage Cakes is also a big fan of King Arthur Flour products too. No wonder our cakes was such a big hit at the party!

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