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Cake Flavors

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Rum


Marble - Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry (any 2 combinations)

Double Chocolate

Southern Red Velvet with White Chocolate Buttercream

Luscious Lemonade

Suggested Cake Combination

English Channel

Double chocolate cake filled with Earl Grey Tea infused ganache or buttercream and layer brushed with black currant preserve


French Quarters

Blackberry lemon cake filled with fragrant organic lavender buttercream.

A Tall Slice of Lemonade Cake

Luscious Lemonade cake filled with your choice of cherry-berry buttercream (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry or cherry)


The Triple A Cake

Amaretto infused cake filled with alternate layers of apricot preserve and rich almond buttercream


Coconut White Choco-Passion

Coconut milk-cream cake filled with delicate white chocolate buttercream and sweet-tarty homemade passion fruit preserve

Rum-Away Bride

Luscious vanilla rum cake filled with pure guava paste and alternate layers of silky guava buttercream.

This cake is always a crowd pleaser and only for the adventerous

Bellissimo Key Lime Cake

Key Lime cake filled with toasted coconut, mascarpone buttercream and homemade raspberry compote

So-Much-More-Than-S'mores Cake

Burnt Butter Cake filled with layers of whipped chocolate ganache, chopped toasted marshmallows and graham crackers crumbs

British-Island Fruit (Black Rum) Cake

Old English fruit cake (fruits soaked for months) is steamed in the oven for hours; baked cake is soaked with a concoction of liquor including sweet Italian wine the cake is aged before decorating to develop the flavor. Cake's covered with almond paste then decorated with fondant or Royal Icing.

NOTE: Fruits used are natural freeze dried or fresh when in season. For greater preservation cakes can be paired and infused with liquor.

Samples of chocolate, red velvet, orange and fruit cakes
Slices of vanilla rum cake filled with guava